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School Age Programs

FISH N KIDS is a PowerPoint program that teaches school age children (ages 5 - 16) about the different species of marine fish that inhabit the New York / Long Island environment and the different methods that are used to catch them. Special emphasis is given to the preservation of marine life and gaining respect for the coastal environment.

Presentations are given to students in classrooms throughout the region. Additionally, the program includes the use of literature, videotapes depicting kids fishing, hands-on activities, awards, and give-away prizes. Most of these presentations are followed up with a full day fishing boat experience led by Capt. Jerry. If you are a teacher, a children's librarian, or leader of a kids' group and you would like to learn more about the FISH N KIDS program, contact Jerry at:

(631) 929 - 8337

or e-mail him at:

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