Sportfishing Adventures with Capt. Jerry McGrath

Capt. Jerry with fish


Custom Rod Building

For over 30 years, Capt. Jerry has been building custom fishing rods. Like many rod builders, he started this activity as a hobby and a winter pastime to escape the evil throes of cabin fever. When his instructional fishing programs started in the mid-1980s, frequent requests were made by students to construct rods such as ones he had demonstrated in class. These rods are constructed using only the finest blanks and components available. All are proven winners because they have withstood the rigors of abuse that Capt. Jerry and others have subjected them to over long periods of time. They are really "tried and true." At the current time, a moderate variety of fishing poles are custom crafted. Individual rods are made for use when catching

  • striped bass
  • blackfish
  • fluke
  • weakfish
  • offshore species

Spinning rods for surf use are also available.

For the highest quality of fishing rods and a rundown on what is available to you, call Capt. McGrath at:

(631) 929 - 8337


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