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Some of Capt. Jerry McGrath's best teaching experiences have been his one night speaking engagements which have occurred at:

  • public libraries
  • fishing clubs
  • trade shows
  • fishing forums

These lectures consistently bring people together to learn about the world of saltwater fishing as Capt. Jerry knows it.

I can't say enough about how wonderful Jerry was in every respect to my son (9 yrs. old). He gave him attention, time, respect and positive feedback. Jerry listens and learns from his students! He integrates everyone into his lectures. We felt included, even though we're rank beginners. Capt. Jerry wants to tell what he knows and his attitude is positive, warm, friendly, excited and, at the same time, relaxed. He has a wealth of information to share!

Sally Rarback
Shoreham, NY
Attendee of many SPORTFISHING ON LONG ISLAND programs

From the young and old to the old salts and the neophytes, attendees are treated to a wide array of fishing topics, the sharing of various angling techniques, humorous anecdotes, knot demonstrations and disclosures of fishing secrets that have taken a lifetime to accumulate. The captain presents his program with a zest that has, at times, left people ready to darn their fishing gear immediately.

I have a confession to make -- I am a person who never "got" fishing. I couldn't understand what could make a person get up in the wee hours of the morning to head to the shore and just sit with a fishing pole and wait for something to happen. And now, thanks to Jerry McGrath, I get it. I also realize how clueless I was to the challenge and the skills required to be a successful angler. Capt. Jerry's obvious love of the sport of fishing, together with his broad knowledge and easy way of communicating to both the novice and the experienced angler, made for a program that was not just educational, but entertaining! "Sportfishing on Long Island" is a terrific program and certainly cured my ignorance of the "lure" of sportfishing.

Maria Pontillo
Community Service Dept. Manager,
Plainview - Old Bethpage Public Library

All of the presentations include:

  • the use of a PowerPoint slide presentation
  • videotape reinforcement
  • free sample publications such as SALTWATER SPORTSMAN magazine
  • SPORTFISHING ON LONG ISLAND program handouts
  • free drawings for raffled prizes
Capt. Jerry's recent presentation, SPORTFISHING ON LONG ISLAND, was one of the highlights of our program year. His vast expertise and knowledge of the waters of Long Island made this a most interesting and entertaining program for all levels of fishermen (and women!). The program has helped me to understand more clearly why my husband has always spoken of fishing in almost reverential tones.

Suzanne Molczan
Program Director
Hillside Public Library of New Hyde Park

For more information, call Capt. Jerry at:

(631) 929 - 8337

or e-mail him at:

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