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For the last two decades, Capt. Jerry McGrath has been instructing anglers on how to successfully land fish in the New York Metropolitan and Long Island waters. The course he teaches, SPORTFISHING ON LONG ISLAND, consists of 10 two-hour sessions covering all saltwater species from summer flounder to tuna. The classes are one of a kind because of the unique PowerPoint and videotape approaches which are presented to participating students during each class session. Guest speakers (charter captains, outdoor writers, rod crafters, etc.) regularly share their knowledge and expertise during each semester. By the final class, students are rewarded with computerized notes and recommendations that have been recorded by the captain over the many years of his fishing experiences. For information regarding registration for the SPORTFISHING ON LONG ISLAND classes,

(631) 854 - 4947 (Suffolk County Dept. of Parks)
(631) 929 - 8337 (to speak with Capt. Jerry)


My interest in fishing is 1000% greater since attending Capt. Jerry's seminars. His love of fishing projects itself immediately and that passion can become contagious.

Steve Benjamin
Ronkonkoma, NY


Class #
Topic / Species To Be Discussed
Introduction / Slide Show / Video
Blackfish / Flounder
Striped Bass / Bluefish
Fluke / Fishing in Alaska
Video Night / Tall Tales / Knot Instruction / Q&A
Weakfish / Cod / Pollack
Tuna / Marlin
Guest Speaker (Speaker to be announced)
Shark / Other Offshore Species / Mackerel
Surf Fishing / Porgies / Putting it all together


Capt. Jerry McGrath's seminars on salt water fishing offer a wealth of information delivered with the most up to date technology, extensive materials,, hands on demonstrations, and a deep knowledge and love of the subject matter from a teacher with boundless enthusiasm. Geared for everyone from the novice to the most experienced angler, Capt. McGrath delivers his instruction in an easygoing but thoroughly professional manner. His joy in the subject matter is infectious, and the two hours of each session passes all too quickly.

John Ribeiro, Mattituck, NY
Attendee of many SPORTFISHING ON LONG ISLAND programs


The SPORTFISHING ON LONG ISLAND programs far surpassed my expectations. Jerry has an extremely thorough grasp of the material and an ability to convey concepts to patrons and students of varying experience levels.

John Bennett, Centereach, NY
Attendee of many SPORTFISHING ON LONG ISLAND programs


For all those looking to learn from a true legend, then attend Jerry's class this fall or spring. My son and I developed a great friendship with Jerry, and we enjoy fishing together every year. I learned more than I can tell you in his class (alumni 2002), and it goes deeper than just fishing. You will walk away with stories from the life of a legendary pin hooker, first class angler and true teacher. You will also tie knots with the people he has met and fished with along the way, learn how to build rods with Capt. Neil and learn from the true bass master, Capt. Bob Rocchetta, as part of his Sport Fishing Long Island series. Capt. Jerry will introduce you to the best of the best during this class and the fishing comradery is a huge part of what you will walk away with.

Ken Legge, Lake Grove, NY

SPECIAL NOTE: Through the years, one of the most rewarding experiences of teaching the SPORTFISHING ON LONG ISLAND classes for Captain Jerry has been the forming of numerous friendships with great people, many of whom continue to attend refresher classes, guest speaker evenings and charter excursions.

"You know who you are and I sincerely value your friendship" …. Jerry

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